Pursuit of Purpose.

Few months ago when I decided to take a leap of faith and quit from an active founder role to a much inactive advisory role at my start-ups in pursuit of a bigger dream little did I know I will decide to do this.

The start-ups I have breathed in and out for the last decade were doing decently well and became lesser challenging for everyday tasks, and I decided to pick up something which would excite me more, of course the support of husband cum partner in this decision was beyond words could say.

(Lesson – Support from your inner circle is invaluable, invest in it. Like everything else, wherever you water it grows.)

So I decided to take this plunge, but to do what I had no clue.

I was open to go back into the corporate job culture provided the work was challenging enough. But I rarely came across HR’s and recruiters who would look beyond their microscopic lens of CTCs and locations and work-ex in years in comparison to more openness and appreciation towards a start-up founder and their journey. Not generalising though, few that I came across played a pivotal role in making me understand Who am I and helping this story carve out for the 2nd innings of my career.

In this pursuit of self and post a hyper active decade long career, this free time and especially in the times of covid-19 gave me a lot of sleepless nights.

What is it that would drive me more?

I saw a delta in social development, small businesses, strategy & marketing and start-up scale and growth with particular affinity towards product based startups. But where could I find a role that could be an amalgamation of all these and more?

I also realised that to a person like myself, my work has been my definition and Who am I if not defined by What I do?

Thankfully, I came across someone who helped me differentiate between the two and I was able to reduce my own pressure on myself. I had none from anyone else. In hindsight, this pressure also always kept me focused on finding my purpose.

Good and bad, this time enabled me to be happier and content with my own self at my own time and pace.

Lesson – Maybe as women we are wired to be very hard on ourselves. I recommend easing that out. I shouldn’t have been.

Somewhere in this journey, I stumbled upon fiftycoffees.com by Lindsay Ratowsky.

A unique approach of having 52 coffees/conversations with different people in the journey of big life transition events to gain perspectives. Simply put, 1 coffee every week in a year with diverse people from whom one can learn from, gain knowledge, and exchange ideas.

So I started talking loud about this process and questions which entangled me.

I reached out to people in my network and beyond to discuss, talk and get their perspectives. I was not able to log these experiences like Lindsay did, but maintained paper notes I could always refer back to while being on this journey.

Lesson: I realised that maybe I was looking at closed windows too hard and asking a fish to fly, literally with my initial thoughts. This exercise gave me a lot of perspective. I strongly recommend it if you are in a similar boat.

So, some 10 coffees and a lot of research later…

It gives me a lot of pride and joy to share that I did find my purpose.

I will be working with fellow start-ups in advisory and consultive capacity to help them grow and scale their businesses and digital footprints. My experience as a start-up founder and an inclination to build and grow brands digitally led with design, strategy and marketing is where… I finally found my purpose.


PS: I intend to continue with the 52 coffees project and keep learning and refining, if that interests you too then do reach out and let’s have a coffee!

Published On: March 8th, 2021 / Categories: Start-ups /